Welcome to the ONS OpenAPI (Beta)


On these pages you can find reference documentation and resources for the ONS Application Programming Interface (API). The ONS OpenAPI (Beta) enables you to re-use ONS data in your own way, in your own application. We're sure there are some great ideas for applications using ONS data that we can't even imagine.


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Providing the capability for others to build applications using ONS data gives them a chance to bring those ideas to life. So, if you're planning to implement the ONS OpenAPI (Beta) into your application, we would really like to hear about it. We also welcome any feedback and ideas for improvements.


Getting started


To get started all you need to do is register, and once you've got your API key you are ready to start developing. To help you get going, you'll find a range of guides and documentation on these pages. We've also included some example code for you to explore and experiment with.




To help collaboration between users of the ONS OpenAPI (Beta), we've set up camp on the question and answer site Stack Overflow, using the tag "ons-api". Here you can share development ideas with other developers and the ONS OpenAPI support team, and find solutions to any problems encountered.


To get involved in discussions around the data, there is already an active community of people talking about the data on StatsUserNet. Please note that ONS is not responsible for the content of external sites.


Good luck and enjoy using the ONS OpenAPI.



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30th November 2015 - More data and improvements


Available through the API there are now more Economic datasets such as the latest - 

  • Regional GVA
  • UK Businesses
  • Occupational Pensions
  • Labour Market Statistics
  • Construction Industry
  • Travel and Tourism
  • Annual Business Survey


Available through the API there are now several Social datasets such as the latest - 

  • Marriages


The outstanding Census datasets have now all been published (many available for alternative hierarchies such as workplace zones and built-up areas).


A number small improvements and fixes have also been made to the API. There have also been some updates and additions to the example applications.